Smart Lighting Control

Time to take control of your savings through:

  • Daylight Dimming
  • Presence/Absence Detection
  • Timing Controls
  • Addressable Lighting
  • Remote/App Controllers
  • Gathering Data Through Sensors

Smart Lighting Technology is not readily available and affordable for all businesses who wish to make the very most of their lighting saving.

Through our special lighting systems you can now change all your lighting to Dali Addressable LED fittings without having to rewire every light fitting.

Lighting As A Service

Customers are using our Smart Lighting Technology to gather data through sensors like:

  • Customer & Employee Heat Maps
  • Actual Times areas are used
  • Where and When light is needed
  • Black Spots in Warehouse and Shops

For more information on how your business can take advantage of Smart Lighting Technology, please email or call 0845 305 2720