Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

One of the biggest challenges facing your business is managing your day-to-day running costs - quite often the decision to replace or change from your existing lighting system is based on “can we afford it?’ rather than “can we afford not to?”

Meteor Lite, in association with The Carbon Trust, has the answer through the provision of financial support for your business, helping you get started with your new LED lighting system.

How it works?

As a Carbon Trust accredited supplier, Meteor Lite can help you and your business obtain funding, dependent on where you are in the UK:

  • If you change to LED lighting and are based in England, Scotland or Wales your business can benefit from as much as £10,000 in grant support
  • In addition, the Carbon Trust offers an Interest Free Loan to all SME’s, supporting their transition to a new LED lighting system

It makes perfect sense

Right now you can change your lighting to LED with no initial capital expense

  • You can pay for your project with the savings you make on your electricity bill
  • The additional savings made can be invested in other areas of your business
  • Cash flow through your business improves after month 1
  • Guaranteed NO - Maintenance for 5 years
  • 5 Year warranty on all products

On top of that your lighting bills will reduce significantly, your business makes a positive impact on the environment and you have a more natural environment for your staff and / or customers.

For more information on how your business can take advantage of The Carbon Trust Grant, or to find out of you qualify for the interest-free loan, please email or call 0845 305 2720