Kehoe Kars Ltd is a franchised Nissan and SsangYong car dealer in the Newry and Mourne area. They are a family ran business which has been associated with the motor trade industry for the past forty years, selling new and used cars in Northern Ireland. Meteor Lite were tasked with completing a full LED lighting upgrade for the entire site. This included their Nissan show room, service area and used car sales office.


The role of lighting in the automotive sector cannot be understated. Continuity of style and quality needs to be kept across every aspect of the dealership, which includes every fitting and fixture installed across the premises. Meteor Lite had to ensure that each fitting used for this project was best suited to each application in order to showcase Kehoe’s cars to the highest standard. Within the main Nissan showroom 30W LED spot lights replaced the existing 70W metal halide downlights. This introduced a sleek modern look to the dealership, whilst lowering the amount of power used by over 50%. The service area had originally 250W metal halide low bays installed, these were upgraded to 124W LED low bays. The new fittings were able to increase the level of light for Kehoe’s mechanics, introducing a better lit working environment for their employees.


The new LED lighting system installed will allow Kehoe Kars to save approximately 19,009kW of power per year. The new system has improved the overall lighting quality of the Nissan showroom, presenting their featured cars to the highest quality. In addition each fitting used in this project has a life expectancy of 40,000-50,000 hours which means for companies such as Kehoe Kars which are open to the public 8-10 hours per day; they will significantly reduce their maintenance and replacement costs. Based on energy savings alone, the payback period for this project is only 32 Months.

Client: Kehoe Kars

Project Date: 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 19,009KW

Main Contractor: McGeough Electrical

Project Payback: 32 Months