Creagh Concrete is one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers of concrete products for a diverse range of market sectors throughout Ireland and the UK. Their Ardboe plant in Co Tyrone operates 3,000 hours annually and is clearly a high electricity consumer. Meteor Lite were tasked with providing a new lighting arrangement and a full site LED upgrade.


Due to the size of the project, we had to vigorously plan and organise several site visits to ensure the client was happy with our proposal. Our main task was the production area. Here, it was previously lit by 97 400W Metal Halide High Bays which were not positioned effectively to meet the company’s manufacturing requirements. Meteor Lite not only replaced the original lights with 160W LED High Bays, but, we also rearranged the lights in a uniform sequence and extended the cabling so we could lower the high bays closer to the ground, further maximising the lighting.


Through rigorous planning and continuous involvement of the client, Meteor Lite were able to deliver a highly efficient LED lighting system. The new system allowed Creagh Concrete to save 432,000kW per year thus reducing their lighting consumption while helping to meet their specific needs.

Client: Creagh Concrete

Project Date: January 2016

Project Annual KW Savings: 432,075kws

Main Contractor: CMM Electrical Ltd

Project Payback: 26 Months

Products Used: Selection