The Ortus Group is a Belfast based Enterprise Agency providing unique business support programmes, affordable, high-quality commercial property and a wide range of complementary services to a diverse range of businesses. Meteor Lite was tasked with upgrading 3 of their sites to a new energy efficient LED lighting system. The site used in this case study is the Twin Spires premises located in Belfast.


Meteor Lite worked closely alongside Ortus to ensure that all details had been covered before the work commenced, as these were premises for multiple start-up businesses, the work had to be carefully carried out to ensure there were no interruptions to the companies. Throughout the offices on this site, over 150 no. 36W LED panels replaced the existing 4x18W fluorescent tubes. As a result, this lighting solution halved the wattage used per fitting, significantly reducing their energy consumption. In addition 4000K colour temperature on each fitting, created a better lit working environment for each of the companies based within the premises. On the exterior of the buildings, the existing 150W metal halide floodlights were replaced with 70W LED floodlights, which produced a brighter, more secure lighting for the employees parked outside the premises.


The new lighting system installed has allowed Ortus to save approximately 39,953kW of power annually, thus significantly reducing their electricity bills. Each fitting used in this project has a life expectancy of approximately 50,000 hours which means for companies such as Ortus with high running hours, they will also significantly reduce their maintenance and replacement costs.

Client: The Ortus Group

Project Date: 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 39,953

Main Contractor: CMK Electrical

Project Payback: 35 Months