Reprographic Systems specialise in manufacturing flexographic printing plates for the packaging industry. They operate from two fully equipped strategic locations in Dublin and Lurgan and supply industry leaders. Reprographics try to ensure that everything they print is of the highest quality, due to this they required a new lighting system, Meteor Lite was chosen to provide and install it.


The main production areas were lit by 400W highbays, Meteor Lite was able to replace these with 150W Contator LED fittings. This lowered the wattage used by 62.5% and provided a better light output for their workers. The original lighting within the office area was replaced with 50w LED battens. Reducing energy consumption and increasing the lighting levels were the two main priorities for Reprographics. The new lighting system installed was able to complete both of these objectives.


The new LED lighting system will save Reprographics approximately 16,323kW of power annually and will significantly reduce their lighting costs. Meteor Lite’s energy efficient and cost effective lighting system helped to meet the needs of Reprographic Systems.

Client: Reprographic Systems

Project Date: November 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 16,323kW

Main Contractor: M&C Electrical Solutions Ltd

Project Payback: 32 Months