Timber Quay is a modern office building located on the Strand Road, Derry. It is designed for professional companies seeking highly quality office space to let. Meteorltie was tasked with upgrading the lighting system within their car park to LED.      


Due to the opening hours of the car park the work had to be carried out at night to avoid any interruption. Throughout the sub levels of the car park, there was over 100 58W fluorescent fittings needing replaced. These were a mixture of normal and emergency lights. We replaced this lighting system with Contator 43W and 30W IP65 fittings. This car park has high running hours, so the lighting solution chosen was put in place in order to reduce their energy consumption.


The new lighting system installed has allowed Timber Quay to save approximately 105,000kW of power annually thus significantly reducing their electricity bills. Each fitting used in this project has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours which means for companies such as Timber Quay with high running hours, they will significantly reduce their maintenance and replacement costs. The payback period on this project is only 16 Months.

Client: Timber Quay

Project Date: March 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 105,000kWs

Main Contractor: M & C Electrical Solutions LTD

Project Payback: 16 Months