Firstsource is a leading global provider of business process management services. It operates across the UK, India, US, Argentina and the Philippines employing a workforce of over 15,000. Meteor Lite was tasked with converting their call centre’s lighting system in the Springtown Business Park, Derry. Due to the office’s high running hours, Firstsource required a new LED lighting system that reduced energy consumption and overheads for their business.


We worked closely alongside the client to ensure that all details had been covered before the work commenced, as this was a call centre, the work had to be carried out at night to not cause any interruption to the company. Throughout the offices, corridors and canteen, over 500 55W fluorescent panels which were replaced with 30W LED 600mm x 600mm flat panels. This lighting solution not only reduced the energy consumption for Firstsource, but created a better lit working environment for their work force.


The new lighting system installed has allowed Firstsource to save approximately 100,000kW of power annually thus significantly reducing their electricity bills. Each fitting used in this project has a life expectancy of 40,000-50,000 hours which means for companies such as Firstsource with high running hours, they will also significantly reduce their maintenance and replacement costs.

Project Date: February 2018

Project Annual KW Savings: 100,000

Main Contractor: M & C Electrical Solutions LTD

Project Payback: 30 Months