NRG Gym is a gym chain with sites in Watford and Gravesend. Meteor Lite were asked to come up with a lighting solution that would increase the gym lighting and reduce the running costs.


We decided to replace all previous fittings with 43W LED battens. NRG was unique in the fact that all areas in the gym, including office areas, were fitted with T5 tube fittings. Using one LED fitting not only reduced time on site but will also significantly reduce maintenance. The LED fitting has a lighting output of 7000 lumens which is 1500 lumens more than what originally was there.


Through continuous client involvement, Meteor Lite and the electrical contractor were able to complete the work to a very high standard. The new lighting solution will decrease the energy costs for NRG and will ultimately provide a better lighting throughout.

Client: NRG Gym

Project Date: October 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 50,140

Main Contractor: M&C Electrical Solutions Ltd

Project Payback: 19.04 Months

Products Used: Selection