W10 Performance is a high end gym located in the city of London. Meteor Lite were tasked with coming up with a new lighting system that would not only improve the lighting levels throughout the premises but also make it a safer for both trainers and clientele.


The gym area was previously lit by 23no 2x49W T5 Fittings. This particular fitting has a high wattage of 108W. We decided to replace these fittings with a 50W batten. The batten runs on less than half the power required for the previous fitting and also has a higher lighting output.


W10 Gym have now increased lighting levels throughout the whole gym area while decreasing their energy costs through a reduction in running power leading to an annual power saving of around 31,700kWs.

Client: W10 Performance

Project Date: October 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 31,721

Main Contractor: M&C Electrical Solutions Ltd

Project Payback: 27.27 Months

Products Used: Selection