Nulife Engineering was founded in 1985 and in their some 30 years of business they have expanded their operations. With continual growth, Nulife required a new lighting system to meet their growing needs and Meteor Lite were chosen to provide it.


The main production areas were lit by a mixture of 4x54W Low Bays and T8 tube fittings. Meteor Lite spec’d and used 100W LED Low Bays and 43W battens. While reducing energy consumption remained the number one priority for Nulife, increasing the lighting levels throughout the premises was also a priority for the business. The office lighting and communal area lighting was supplied by Aurora and this included a mixture of LED flat panels and 22W LED battens.


The new LED lighting system will save Nulife Engineering approximately 113,000kW of power annually and reduce their annual lighting costs by 66%. Meteor Lite’s energy efficient and cost effective lighting system helped to meet the needs of Nulife Engineeering.

Client: Nulife Engineering

Project Date: August 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 36,138

Main Contractor: M&C Electrical Solutions Ltd

Project Payback: 35.86 Months

Products Used: Selection