BLK Box Fitness is one of Northern Ireland’s leading manufacturers of gym equipment. Not only do they specialise in the manufacture but they also install their equipment globally.  Meteor Lite were proud to be asked to develop a lighting system that would provide greater light in both the showroom and warehouse areas


Both the showroom and the warehouse were previously lit by 400W Low Bays located centrally. We decided that in order to optimise the lighting we would install 100W LED High Bays and reposition them. In the showroom we reconfigured to 2 rows of 4 lights providing a more even lighting spread. We followed the same approach in the store area which again helped to optimise the lighting output.


The new LED lighting system has enabled BLK Box Fitness to increase their lighting levels throughout the site and also reduce their running power to approximately 29,000kW to 9,500kW. 

Client: BLK Box Belfast

Project Date: September 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 19,762

Main Contractor: In-House Contractor

Project Payback: 24.35 Months

Products Used: Selection