Creative Stone & Tile is an award winning business located in Omagh. They specialise in designer tiles and put in a lot of time and effort to each of their designs. They have an award winning showroom and Meteor Lite were delighted to be asked to install a high quality LED lighting system.


Due to the culture of high quality in Creative Stone & Tile, we decided to replace the previous tube fittings with 30W LED panels. These panels have increased the lighting levels throughout the showroom which will help to uphold the high quality tradition in Creative Stone & Tile. Not only did we install panels but we also installed a selection of retail LED fittings to help enhance the style of lighting in the showroom area.


The new LED lighting system will allow Creative Stone & Tile to save approximately 8,262kW of power per year. The new system will also improve the lighting quality in the showroom which is the main aspect of the premises. 

Client: Creative Stone

Project Date: February 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 8,262kWs

Main Contractor: CMK Electrical

Project Payback: 27.5 Months

Products Used: Selection