Tracey Concrete is one of the largest precast concrete manufacturers in the UK & Ireland. Their Enniskillen plant comprises of 8 factories and a large surrounding yard. The aim of this project was to significantly reduce energy costs through the introduction of a brand new LED lighting system.


Being one of our first large-scale projects, Meteor Lite wanted to ensure that every light was accounted for. Several meetings with the owners and managers ensured that our proposal was accurate and would deliver the highest lighting output possible. Meteor Lite supplied over 700 of our 150W Leo LED high bays to increase lighting levels. In some areas of the 138,000sqft plant this increased threefold. The work was carried out with minimum inconvenience to the daily running of the plant and all works were completed within the agreed 2 week schedule.


Meteor Lite supplied a highly efficient and cost effective lighting system for Tracey Concrete. Annual savings from the introduction of the new system are upwards of 190,000kW of power. The new LED system not only increased lighting levels throughout and ultimately made it a safer and more productive area to work.

Client: Tracey Concrete

Project Date: November 2015

Project Annual KW Savings: 196,766

Main Contractor: Paul McShea Electrical

Project Payback: 26 Months

Products Used: Selection