EDM Spanwall is one of the UK & Ireland’s most experienced and most respected architectural façade solution providers. They offer a specialist panel design service and innovative wall cladding products to their customers. Meteor Lite were tasked with providing a full LED lighting upgrade to their site in Carryduff.


Increasing the lighting levels and reducing energy costs were the main priorities of this project.  Over 150 fittings were replaced within their premises, which significantly reduced Spanwall's annual electricity bills. The main factory on this site was previously lit by 400W Metal High Low Bay fittings, Meteor Lite were able to replace these fittings with 150W LED High bays. These new LED replacements presented a better lit and safer work environment for EDM Spanwall's staff. Throughout the offices within the premises, 30W LED panels were introduced to replace the existing 4x18W Recessed Tube fittings.


Through rigorous planning and continuous involvement of the client, Meteor Lite was able to deliver a highly efficient LED lighting system. The new system allowed EDM Spanwall to save 173,314kW of power and their estimated project payback was only approximately 34.5 months. Meteor Lite’s energy efficient and cost effective lighting system helped meet EDM Spanwall’s specific needs.


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Client: EDM Spanwall Ltd

Project Date: 2017

Project Annual KW Savings: 173,314 kWs

Main Contractor: CMK Electrical

Project Payback: 34.5 Months