LED Offers Substantial Savings For The Sport & Leisure Industry

5th December 2018

Leisure centres, sports premises and play areas are increasingly upgrading to LED lighting to reduce their energy consumption and improve current lighting levels. Guaranteed energy savings and superior light quality have led building operators to recognise the huge benefits LED lighting can achieve.

Energy efficient, bright, uniform illumination is essential to enhance both participant and spectator experience. Optimum visibility, flicker and glare-free lights are typically considered more important in these environments than in many other sectors.
LED lamps and luminaires come in numerous colour temperatures, which include; daylight, natural and warm. These are able to deliver consistent colour temperature and make it possible to alter the mood in leisure environments to fit the activity and create the right atmosphere. A fast game of football for example calls for a totally different ambience compared to a yoga class. Equally the dimming capabilities of LED lighting ensure that the correct amount of light is used for each individual.


Energy Savings
Customers are delighted with energy savings of up to 70%, a significant reduction in maintenance costs and full payback that can be achieved from as little as three months. Additional savings can also be made from the reduction in the load on air conditioning systems as LED lamps generate a fraction of the heat produced by traditional lighting systems. This is very beneficial to leisure and sporting environments where air conditioning can be in use for up to 24 hours a day.


Maintenance Free Lighting
Traditional inefficient fluorescent lighting in sports and leisure facilities can be very difficult to maintain. Large sports halls for example have very high ceilings and accessing the light fixtures, to replace a lamp involves the use of expensive specialised equipment. Additionally, areas would need to be closed down and the playing surfaces protected whilst the maintenance is carried out. By converting to LED lighting however, not only is there an immediate reduction in energy costs but the benefit of maintenance free lighting as well.


Taking Control
To maximise energy savings, owners can install an intelligent lighting control system which will add substantial benefits to any leisure or sporting facility. Optimal energy savings can be achieved through occupancy and daylight detection and presence detectors will ensure that any area is only lit when it is in use. Equally, a lighting control system can also dim lights when there is plenty of daylight.



Operators of sports and leisure environments are rapidly adopting LED lighting. Dependability, longevity and reduced costs are some of the many reasons they are upgrading. Also, LED lighting delivers consistent colour temperature that will not diminish over the lifecycle of the lamp. This results in better, more uniform light for participants and spectators alike. With offering energy savings of up to 85% and a return on investment in a matter of months, it is no wonder converting to LED is on the rise.

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